Blocking Advertisements

I’d like to get an effective ad blocker. I do have a Set App subscription. I’d especially like to block YouTube ads which are particularly annoying. I thought I had an app called “Ad Blocker” (for my Mac) but I cannot seem to find it anywhere.

Any suggestions?

Setapp has an ad blocker called “AdLock”. Perhaps that’s what you’re thinking of? I’ve never used it so I don’t know how effective it is.

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I just installed that. While it seems to work on FB, it is not helping on Youtube.

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I needed to update the one app. Now I have two on there. 1 blocker and the one Ad Lock.

Should/could that cause problems?

I think that you have the option of paying for YouTube service and that gets rid of the ads

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There are (it turns out) two levels of premium YouTube - premium and premium lite, though I’m not sure if YouTube makes it easy to discover this.

The full version is (in New Zealand) $18 and the light version is $7.

The light version shows no adverts, it’s the one I have, and I think it is a fair price.


Some free and “arguably” best solutions available:

  • Use Brave Browser: It completely removes ad from YT (even on mobile) without any extension. Also removes some ads on other websites
  • Use uBlock Origin extension: available on Chromium based browser and Firefox.

Free and the best solutions. Don’t spend money to block ads :slight_smile:

EDIT: You could also download Orion browser and use chrome extension with it. It’s works fine.


Not on set app, but I use AdGuard, although it used to be on set app. It has been really useful, I have it installed on my Mac, iPad and iPhone. I have to say that if you watch YouTube videos using their app on iOS or iPadOS, you are going to have to watch the ads. If you watch them through the browser with the AdGuard extension, then they are completely removed.


I’m not going to push hard on this but YouTube has to generate revenue in some way which they do by showing ads or by offering a way to pay for the service directly: It’s not paying to block ads; it’s paying to watch the content.

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I do pay for YT premium but not everyone wants to see 6 ads in a 5 min video. YT rocks and is my choice of media platform. BTW, YT also gets a cut from revenue channels make.

PS: If we start paying for every video/content online, we wouldn’t be able save anything lol. Suppose you have to pay for search and visiting every webpage…I think the model of giving some of your data for consuming content works best for everyone.

I mostly watch YouTube in Firefox with the Enhancer for YouTube extension. I don’t know if there are versions for other browsers or not.

I also have the Vinegar extension for Safari. That one also works on iOS.

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interesting, tried to google the pricing for AU but seems not available here

What does the Enhancer for YouTube extension do? I just installed uBlock origin in Firefox to block ads.

Looking back, I started with Premium, but then cancelled it, and later got offered premium lite.

I’m not sure if that pattern applies to everyone, or just a timing thing.

Enhancer blocks ads within the videos and offers some playback control. I just realized that I’ve got uBlock and Enhancer running, so I’m not entirely sure which is blocking what. It looks like uBlock takes out the ads on the page, and maybe within the videos too. It may be enough for you. I haven’t done any real testing to see how things run with just one or the other.

Enhancer also expands the player and makes it spread across the screen without making it full screen. It also has cinema mode, looping, rotating, brighten etc.

It’s a great extension and free!

I use Wipr for ad blocking. Best 2/4€ ever spent. Blocks a lot of intrusive ads.

@ACautionaryTale I agree with companies having to make money. But I think YouTube ads became excessive. I like the idea of Brave for a bit. Unfortunately, they are a bit too keen on Crypto and I don’t like that they put VPN and a RSS reader into a browser.


Not an ad-blocker per se but SponsorBlock is really nice too.

Contrary to what the name might imply it can also skip intros and recaps which I find more useful.


If you are using Safari for YouTube, Vinegar is an inexpensive YouTube add blocker. One purchase for iOS and macOS,.