Blocking Email Tracking

How do you avoid email tracking?
With a particular email app? or just by turning off the “Load remote content in messages” option in Mail App?


Yes. Just by blocking the remote content from loading as you described.

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This, plus I’m running a pi-hole on my network which should block a bunch of that traffic as well. Doesn’t help me when I’m not at home though.

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I think there was a trick that there would be a 1-pixel image that gets loaded when you view an e-mail. If the image gets loaded in your e-mail, it triggers a response that can be tracked. That would be a way for others to know that you opened their email. If the graphic was accessed, it means that you probably looked at the e-mail.

Blocking image preview would prevent that 1 pixel graphic image from loading and preventing the server from knowing you’ve read the e-mail.

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