Blocking Spam Messages from ""

Two to three times a week I get an obscene spam text message with a link in it from I’ve got NomoRobo installed and updated, and I have the spam filtering turned on in Settings, Messages, Unknown & Spam, but these spam texts are still getting through. Does anyone have any ideas for blocking an entire source domain? I don’t care if I never get a text from again.

I’ve never clicked on one of these links, I have no idea where they come from. I’d just like them to stop. Up till now my only other solution is just to delete the texts. Any suggestions on how to deal with these?

I’ve never found a solution except to not be notified of text messages from unknown senders.

I also regularly report any spam text message to my carrier. AT&T makes this fairly easy to do, though it requires several steps. You have to forward the message to a special number, then they reply asking for the phone number (which is copy-able, but takes a few taps to get to). I don’t know if it helps, but new spam text messages always come from new numbers.

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Depending on your Mail App, you could e.g. use an App like SpamSieve

or you set up a Mailrule, that moves all messages with this mail address to your Junk/Spam Folder.

Unfortunately it’s not mail, it’s Messages.

I think that might be helpful on that matter