Blog for a 1 year challenge

You could use something like Obsidian + GitHub Pages to publish a blog for free.
Obsidian uses Markdown and offers a WYSIWYG type of editor.
You’ll get a generic URL - BUT - you could buy a domain name for ~ $5 (or less).

You will own your content and the workflow will be simple once you set it up. There are plenty of how-to guides available online but if you have any additional questions, let me know.

Is that Bushy Park? I love to walk through there on the way to the Apple Store in Kingston.

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It is. I believe it’s very beautiful.

It certainly is. There are a number of deer roaming around and lots of water birds as well as skylarks, which have protected nesting area.

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Just as feedback, I had a play with Wordpress and it’ll do the job for free (for the time being) I can upgrade if I wish in future.

Nice and simple

Thanks to everyone who made suggestions.