Blog for a 1 year challenge

I don’t know if anyone here parkruns

parkrun is an organisation which organises free 5k events all over the world every Saturday morning with the help of local volunteer teams. There are more than 700 weekly events in the UK and I’ve completed 67 of them.

I’m a long time parkrunner
who turns 50 in 2025. One of the goals I’ve always wanted to do is complete at least 50 parkruns in a calendar year, and with my imminent big birthday, I want to complete this before then. I’ve not managed to do it up until now because I volunteer a lot which means that I can’t regularly also run the events.

So next year I’m going to run at least 50 events, and if I can manage it, I’m going to run at 50 locations I’ve not run at before, possibly with a few outside the UK thrown in.

The reason for this post is that a few people I know want to follow my progress, so I would love to create a blog including photos and write ups. These won’t be short enough to go on Mastodon or I don’t want to open up my facebook to the world. I don’t want to run a blog myself. I want something which is maintained for me, but easy to post to with a wysiwyg interface. I’m happy to pay a small monthly amount (probably about £10). After the challenge is completed I’ll take it down again I’ll then collate the content into a print book about it (one copy for me)

Does anyone have any recommendation for me please?


A lot of people use – it’s hosted, so you don’t have to worry about servers. Lots of people use WordPress, so there are a lot of resources out there. It can get fiddle and complicated (I understand) but doesn’t have to.

Another option I think is quite elegant: – it runs off markdown documents you put in a specific folder in Dropbox (I think other services work as well). Very simple, though there are also themes and bells and whistles if you want them, though I do t think as much as WordPress. This is the route I would go, since I already use markdown for most things.


Fellow parkrunner here too - though I’ve had a big gap due to injury and a puppy.
Seems we’re in the same age category as well :slight_smile:

I’ve got 4 parkruns pretty close to me, which I’m guessing is a couple of hours from you.

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I completely misread the headline and thought you were trying to setup a blogging challenge for the MPU community :rofl:


To answer your actual question, they advertise a lot so it’s easy to be skeptical but squarespace/wix/etc. are actually easy to setup and manage.

I like to think that you can go the route of Wordpress or some other website building software which involve buying a server and have a high up front cost (in time and energy learning) but a lower monthly cost whereas squarespace/wix/etc is a higher monthly cost in order to not have to pay the up front cost for getting up and running.

I also don’t love really love Medium but I imagine hosting a blog there would be easy and possibly even free.

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Wix, Squarespace & co. are incredibly difficult to export data from as opposed to (the hosted version) which promotes openess etc. I just helped a friend ‘move’ his website from Wix to self-hosted WordPress and we essentially did not move anything but recreated the whole site in WordPress as Wix has no export options whatsoever (they want to lock you in). Just something to keep in mind.

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Ah I didn’t note the difference between Wordpress the software and Wordpress the service :grin:

This actually reminded me of as well which is very similar to Wordpress but with different Web Tech. (and from what I can tell the entirety of the content you upload can be accessed via an API as well as through the generated website)

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Yeah, depending on Birmingham traffic, it would take a couple of hours. I am planning to do East Park in Wolverhampton in Feb though.

Let me know if you do any in North London @geoffaire ! It’s been a while since I’ve done one but Highbury Fields is a pretty good one I’ve done a few times :slight_smile:

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There’s no limit on length of post on hosted blogs. Posts just display differently in the feed if they’re over a certain length. Sounds like it might be a good solution.


If you’re looking for a temporary blog, that’s not expensive and easy to use, I’d recommend Blot.

It turns a folder of items on Dropbox, Google Drive or Git into a website. Whatever you put in the folder, becomes a website.


I suspect the only London one I’ll get to is Bushy in July (I got tickets to the Relay FM London show) but I’ll try and remember to give you a shout. :smiley:

I’d join you but my running days are over. I could come alongside on an electric scooter! I’m just north of Birmingham in Sandwell.

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To be fair at the moment, I’d describe what I do as a Walk,run strategy. That’s another reason to do this challenge, to get me running regularly again.

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Ping if you venture to Cornwall. I’ll run one with you and bring my toddler in her buggy, she would love it :smiley:

Wordpress here, used semi-professionally. It might be overkill but the free tier would work (with adverts)

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I’ve done Eden Project (I love that place) and Lanhydrock a few years ago. I’d love to get down there and do some more. Cornwall is beautiful.

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Agreed, but I am born and bred biast :smiley:

We’re members of the Eden project so we can get guests in free if you wanted to run one and meet there.

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I’ll second Blot. It is super easy to write and bonus all your files/posts are saved to Dropbox just in case. $20/year is tough to beat. Also, cool project. I turn 50 in 2025 and have a couple things planned as well.


It is now $40 a year unless your grandfathered in. But still, $40 a year is much cheaper than any other website service I know.

You can run it for free anyway (or you could 4 or 5 years ago)

But that would be lovely.

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