Blog Naming - What's In A Name

It’s so difficult sometimes to think of a good blog name. I had one previously but I stopped writing on the blog because I felt the title of the blog prevented me from exploring other topics that were of interest to me.

So doing the most dangerous thing…asking the internet for a blog name lol. But the MPU community is not just “anybody” but a trust worthy, helpful, like-minded group.

I don’t want to use my name as the blog name, because I am really not trying to brand myself or anything like that.

As far as content goes…my areas of focus will related to my background.

  1. Priest - there will be some spiritual reflections
  2. MFT - I was previously a marriage and family therapist before getting ordained, so I hope to include a few things that relate to proper mental health, relaxation, relationships, etc.
  3. Techie/Nerd/Geek - Excelsior! Need I explain more? Mentioning Apple products that make my life fun.

Eventually, this could become a podcast, but baby steps.

Drumroll…start the suggestions!

MacPreacher would be a good name.


What about or some other extension (.co, .info, etc.).

The .com is taken. I also don’t want to use my own name, because I don’t want to brand myself. Also, in the future, if there are guest posts it eventually could become a community.

Not to advertise my blog but I called it “Mainframe Performance Topics” and realised it wasn’t the intersection of those three words but the union so I now refer to it as “Mainframe, Performance, Topics” and indeed that is now how my podcast episodes are structured - three parts.

Maybe you could do something similar.

You could add, as I did, “with <your name>” to the banner graphic. But banner graphic design is a whole’nother topic. :slight_smile:

Bloggy McBlogFace

Sorry, it reminded me of when the British asked the public to name a ship.

More realistic:
Synergism - “the interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects.”
Greater Than the Sum
Intersection of Faith and Technology
Tech and Faith

Or maybe something referring to St. Tecla or St. Isidore, patron saints of technology/internet. Tecla is also Spanish for key. Maybe Saint Tecla’s Blog? “Tecla” is close to the word tech, plus the faith part is inferred in Saint.

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Those are three different enough areas of interest or expertise that, if you want to write about all of them on one blog I’d actually suggest it be your blog, featuring you, showcasing your background and advice. You don’t need to be assiduously branding yourself (if you don’t want to), but your blog would be uniquely featuring your specific, tangential interests, so you might as well use your own name in it - because trying to otherise tie those separate groups of interests together in one name would be unwieldy and probably dorky. \

An alternative is to post to multiple, more focused blogs, which would be far easier to name.

My web host recently went out of business without notice, so my blog is missing until I get hosting resolved. Anyway, I’m Old Lady in the Heartland. Mostly I posted personal experiences and observations interspersed with topical photos I’ve taken with my DSLR.

How about Father MacHead?

I. Couldn’t. Resist.

  • Holy MACkerel
  • Mac of the Cross
  • The Father, the Mac, and the Holy Post