Blood pressure no longer syncing to Health App: source inactive?

Lately the App I’m using to measure my weight and blood pressure is syncing the weight (and related data) to the Health App, but not the blood pressure (and related data). Today I discovered that the App is listed as an inactive source for blood pressure, while it does have read/write access in the Privacy settings.

How can I fix this?

(Warning: I tried to disable and enable the Health integration in the App; that was a bad idea: almost all data got removed (without asking) and the App now crashes while syncing the data again… It’s extra bad since backup of Health data has not been working for me for months; I’m afraid I lost a lot of data)

When I contacted Apple about this the support engineer immediately refused to help me, because this was “an issue with a third party App”… I believe this is false, since it’s the Health App or the HealthKit framework (both Apple products) that’s setting the source to inactive. However, this person refused to answer any of my questions (like: “When is a source set to inactive?” and “What do I need to do to make the source active again?”).

I’m very disappointed by the way that Apple representative handled this.

When I asked how I could file a complaint I was told to report my issue at Is that really my only option left?

I would like to manually extract all data from the App (and add them again to Health via Shortcuts), but apparently the data is stored in /var/mobile/Containers/Data/Application/.

(How) can one access that folder? (without jailbreak)

I can’t sync my current data set (too large?) because the App is always killed after 10 seconds of syncing… (exhausted real (wall clock) time allowance of 10.00 seconds)

(How) can one increase the timeout of that watchdog? (probably not)

Additional failed step: removing the App (while keeping the data) and re-installing the App (from the iOS storage settings).

Result: App was using 1.1 GB before re-installing and is using 5.22 GB now…

Something is seriously broken it seems. :cry:

I have the same problem with the Balance Health app for blood pressure monitoring. It works for a few months and then failed to upload to the Health App. All settings are correct.
What I did to recover is to delete the app in IOS while keeping the data. Then, reinstall the Balance Health app again. In the app, make sure to do Monitor setup by + PAIR A MONITOR. Then, go to Integrations to enable Health App. It will then sync the data to Health App again.
Hope it will work for you.