Blue dot above “aA” in Safari address bar?

Recently I notice a blue dot above “aA” in the Safari address bar, when loading a page. It disappears after a few seconds.

What does this blue dot indicate?

Just for kicks I asked ChatGTP. Below is the answer, which I’m not prepared to vouch for. :slightly_smiling_face:

In Safari browser, the blue dot above the aA icon in the address bar indicates that the website you’re currently visiting has an active Reader mode available …

Why would the dot disappear so quickly if that answer is/was right?

I have no clue. :man_shrugging:t3: I’ve never noticed it. Usually, I see this on the Mac:

Screenshot 2023-03-14 at 4.50.08 PM

PS: I found this but it is not helpful.

It might be helpful, if you share a screenshot of this behavior.

I thought it had something to do with an installed extension wanting something from you :thinking:

I believe it means there’s an extension that can interact with the current page.


I initially see the left (with dot) for a few seconds and then the right (without dot).

It is not showing up, if I call from my Xs.
So what might be the differences?

As @JensV and @onepointzero have suggested: it might be a Safari extension you have installed showing you its availability for the website. I think this might be what is going on here. Tap on aA when the dot is shown and have a look at your extensions in the list. Blue ones are active, grey ones are not active.

Be it as it may - this is the lovely UI these days: a community of “power users” rack their brains over the question what iOS is trying to tell us. This is how a good UI is working. Not. :laughing:


If not the new extension, quick googling reveals this might be caused by voice control being on and the app expecting voice input. Go to Settings > Accessbility > turn off Voice control.

That is a different one, I think:

(Voice control has a blue circular microphone symbol in the top right area of the display as it can be seen in the pictures in the linked topic.)

I think the dot is displayed by Consent-O-Matic when it’s performing actions on a page.

(I don’t see the dot when I disable this Safari extension)