Blue “Hover” Button?

Ok, I should be able to figure this one out, but time is short, sooooo, anyone know WHY this blue hover button shows up, and, how to disable it? ipad OS. Doesn’t show on all websites, (MPU is one that it does not), but shows on some websites and forums. I have AssistiveTouch turned on for mouse support, but even when I turn it off, I still get the blue button.

And a side note, the blue button does not always land on the clickable area.


(Glad that we can upload photos here. “Share iCloud link” was not working for me in another forum). :see_no_evil:

what’s the site this happens on? I have never seen this before, would like to test

I haven’t spent time testing other sites. Two was enough to get my attention. On either site, using a 2017 iPad Pro, if I pull down the screen just a little from the top, while on the site, the blue button appears. On a Windows 10 machine, a few weeks ago, if I hovered over a clickable area, I got the same button, but without the blue background inside of it.

A kinda similarity. Both sites are semi related. Kriesi designs the theme for both. I have a ticket in to them asking the same question. Was asking it here too, in case someone knew if it was a new “feature” of IOS (and Windows).

I think it is part of the way Safari now interprets certain items on a website, in this case an option to mouse-over I think. It then shows the accessibility “mouse” pointer. It shows them for me when I drag down on a picture, and immediately disappears again when I let go.

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Thanks for testing and letting me know that it wasn’t “just me” see this!

Even if I turn the mouse support off, it shows. I am not a big fan of it, because on my website, it highlights a certain ad, which makes it look like we are favoring that one over the others.
Hopefully adjustments are on the way.