Bluetooth headphones for sleeping?

Does anybody wear Bluetooth headphones at night while they sleep?

I like to listen to things like audiobooks and such as I fall asleep, but I am a side sleeper so I have the issue with headphones / earbuds getting trapped between my ear and the pillow, which isn’t comfy. :slight_smile:

My other half doesn’t like listening to audiobooks as she goes to bed, so a bedside speaker won’t work.

Any recommendations?

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Is one airpod an option? That usually what I do when I want to settle down before sleeping.

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While I do not go to bed with them at night, I do this in the morning if I am sleeping in. This blocks out the comings and goings in the house. I use my AirPods Pro and have no problem sleeping on my side.


@mikeschmitz, didn’t you mention on Focused once that you have some headphones suitable for wearing in bed to fall asleep?

I use Powerbeats to watch movies up to the point I go to sleep, but remove them before going to sleep. I think anything inside the ear isn’t comfortable if you turn your head onto the side. No earphone/buds will stay inside my ears, I have to use the ear loops.
Apple AirPods may be the one thing that could be comfortable while sleeping, but I would be concerned they would fall out and get lost. They are designed for use while the head is upright.

How about a pillow speaker on low volume? I haven’t used it myself but this is what they are for.

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There’s a purpose-built solution for this.

I no longer desire to listen until sleep so I don’t use mine any more, but I can attest that it is surprisingly comfortable and sounds pretty great if you can wiggle the ear pieces into the right spot. Once they’re in place, they stay there while worn, but taking it off and on and the charging process (mine require opening the sleeve to charge) do tend to move them around. Still, it’s not a huge task to move them into place each time once you get the hang of it.


I have a pair of wired Bedphones, but I don’t travel anymore so I haven’t used them in a long time.

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Bose just came out with these. What a coincidence!

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Those can’t play my own audio though, from what I can tell - they’re purpose-built to work with Bose’s pre-defined audio options.

Can I listen to my own music or audiobooks with Sleepbuds™ II?

No. They will not stream your own music, audiobooks, or podcasts. Instead, they play specially curated relaxation content to help you fall asleep and masking sounds to keep noises from disturbing sleep. In order to achieve a form factor small enough to be comfortable for sleeping, and accommodate a battery that can support sound playback for an entire night, we made the conscious design decision not to stream audio to Sleepbuds™. Instead, the sound files are stored on each of the earbuds and played back locally, dramatically extending the audio playback time achievable in this tiny form factor.

When you did travel, did you find them pretty good? Comfortable, etc.?

I love my Powerbeats for that exact reason.

I used to use Airpods for sleep, and they worked - but they broke in an absolutely ridiculous period of time (first pair in 3 months, second pair just slightly over 9 months later - just late enough they wouldn’t do anything about it under warranty), so I’m not keen to re-purchase.

I might look into an Airpods knockoff though, since pristine audio and microphone quality aren’t my top priorities here. :slight_smile:

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You can’t get much better than these GOOJODOQ bluetooth sleep headphones:

They are perfect. Slip right inside your outer ear, don’t move, last ages, very, very comfortable, easy to charge …

Try and catch them on sale. They go down to as low as €16 or €18. Also, get the ones with the separate audio controls as the sound is far better than that of the almost identical ones that have the controls incorporated into the counterweight thingies.

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They were pretty comfortable (could sleep on my side without my ears hurting), but the cord was a pain. Unfortunately the wireless ones are pretty pricey IMHO.

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There are a variety of “bluetooth headbands” available on Amazon.

While I haven’t tried any of them myself, that would be the first thing I would try.

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Hypothetically, I may know someone interested in the noise-canceling qualities of these. Hypothetically, this person’s demure, feminine spouse snores like a wood-chipper processing Steve Buscemi at the end of “Fargo.”


I know this makes me uber-picky, but I have the feeling that they’d make my head too warm. I’m not great with wearing things that fit tight on my head for an extended period of time.

I’m really hoping to find something a little more “open”.

Have you considered sleeping outdoors ;-?

:open_mouth: :laughing:



That looks to be true of the Bose ones Patrick mentioned. The SleepPhones I have are simply Bluetooth to whatever device and you play what you want.

Yup, misquote. My bad, :slight_smile:

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