Bluetooth headset switching when a call comes in

My wife has a bluetooth headset (this one if such things matter) and when she’s in a Zoom meeting on her MBP and a call comes in on her iPhone, the headset switches to the iPhone and she has to do all sorts of things on her laptop to get it to work again. This doesn’t happen to me, I don’t think (or maybe I just never get calls?). It happens whether or not she answers the call. Anyone know how to prevent this without completely “forgetting” the device on her phone?

Could be a handoff/continuity problem – maybe disable handoff in System Preferences > General and see if there’s a difference. Or disable handoff on the phone. Or both.

Or, it might be the device. The FAQ for that device implies there is a bluetooth issue that is under warranty (see “My headset keeps disconnecting from my devices”.)

FWIW, I use a Bose QC35s when on Zoom, which are also paired with my phone. Incoming calls on the phone do not interrupt the Zoom stream.

Happens to me all the time. The headsets seem to think that the phone should have priority for some reason.

I usually just shut off the iPhone Bluetooth when I’m using the headset for a call on the computer.

From the Apple Support page

I needed to have the headphone actively connected to the iPhone via bluetooth to get this setting to show up.

I’m iOS only so I can’t test it, but I think your issue is what this setting is for.