Bluetooth issue on Mac OS Sonoma

Hi there, I’ve been experiencing a Bluetooth issue since upgrading to Sonoma.

I’m using a MacBook M1 Pro, 14-inch, 2021 with Sonoma 14.2.1 (23C71). I have a Keychron K2 (Bluetooth, cable-free) keyboard and a Magic Trackpad connected to it. These are the only two Bluetooth devices I have attached.

Sometimes, both devices suddenly become detached. To resolve this issue, I repeatedly turn my keyboard off and on. After approximately 10 seconds, the trackpad and keyboard reconnect one by one. This problem occurs approximately 3 to 5 times per day, and it is quite frustrating. Unfortunately, I am unsure how to resolve it.

I use my MacBook in clamshell mode, but I don’t think it’s related to the issue. It never occurred before upgrading to Sonoma.

Thanks for reading!


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I have noticed Bluetooth issues on my MacBook Pro and Mac Studio, both of which are running Sonoma. I have issues with all my input devices either taking a while to connect or dropping out for no apparent reason. This is happening with an apple Magic Mouse, two Magic Trackpads, two differ apple keyboards, and a Logitech mouse. I thought about posting something earlier today but you beat me to it. I had no issues until upgrading to Sonoma,

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I’m having problems too.
My headphones keep disconnecting for a few seconds and making interference noises in the process.
Gladly my mouse communicates via a usb dongle and I use a wired keyboard.

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I’m not having issues on an Intel MBP (I realise this doesn’t help OP, just sharing the info in case it helps with troubleshooting!). I use Bluetooth headphones and a Bluetooth keyboard, and a wireless mouse.

However I’m having a problem with my external camera on Sonoma and have largely come to the conclusion from this and other issues I’ve seen reported that the OS is annoyingly buggy and Apple should do better.


I’ve had occasional trouble with my Apple Trackpad just suddenly becoming non-responsive. I don’t know for sure if it’s related to my upgrade to Sonoma, but it could be. I haven’t bothered to confirm that it’s actually a Bluetooth problem, but the symptoms suggest it. Sometimes the connection returns quickly, other times I’ve given up and switched to my wireless logitech mouse. The Apple Magic keyboard also has dropped out, but that happens less frequently.

I’m connecting to a MacStudio. The trackpad is further than the keyboard from the computer, but it’s only about a meter away (albeit with an Apple Studio Display in between).

I couldn’t tolerate it happening daily, let alone multiple times a day. Sorry I don’t have any better solution to suggest.

Here’s a good troubleshooting article about Bluetooth in general:

There was a firmware update to the Magic Keyboard recently though it was supposed to be a security update only:

And Howard Oakley of Eclectic Light Company has a more detailed Bluetooth troubleshooting discussion here:

That article now has me wondering if my AirPods are part of the problem….

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