Bluetooth question

Hi all, I am hopeful that wonderful group of people here can save me some Google search time and point me in the right direction. My wife and I own a small business and we both work on MBP, she got her MBP M1 Pro set up last week and loves the speed over her prior MBP 2018.

We use our MBPs with a dock and dual monitors on our desktops. We both have Logitech MX Keys BT Keyboards and mine is flawless. She has a problem with Bluetooth. I can’t figure out if it is interference or what. Whenever she unplugs and takes her laptop downstairs from our office above our garage and then comes back to the office and plugs back in, her keyboard will not connect. But what is even stranger is neither will her Apple Magic Mouse. I do the same thing, as we often take our laptops down to our dining room when we need to meet or work on a project together, or at night. When I return to my desk, I plug back in to the dock and my Logitech MX Keys keyboard connects and my trackpad connects and I am off and running. Neither her mouse or keyboard will connect. I have to toggle BT on and off, and this morning I even had to remove BOTH devices and add them back in to get them to connect. This is not workable. She is about to push me down the stairs because I recommended the Logitech keyboard to her based of my experience when her prior keyboard died a couple months ago.

I am thinking it is some kind of interference, but there are no spinning drives or even SSD’s in the area of her laptop between her keyboard and laptop. Is there an issue with BT on M1 Pro MBP’s? I need to get this figured out or get her a new keyboard because it is incredibly frustrating for her to not be able to sit down and just get back to work. She is a semi-nerd (she actually has attended Macstock’s with me and loves it) but needs/wants her hardware to “just work”.

Any ideas or suggestions of what I can try would be great.

Thanks everyone.

If you search Google for m1 bluetooth you will find you are not alone. It’s a well known problem. Usually turning bluetooth off and back on fixes connection problems for me. But here’s some more things to try if/when that doesn’t work:

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Thanks for the link. I will check it out.

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Have you gone through the troubleshooting on Logitech’s site?

Is she using Logitech’s unifying USB receiver? If not, try it. In the distant past, I always had better luck with that than Bluetooth.

Lots of things can cause interference that makes Bluetooth flaky – like USB hubs and cables. It’s hard to troubleshoot.


No, and I was trying to avoid the unified USB receiver. It is odd, we both have the same set up, but I have an Intel MBP and never have an issue with the BT connection. Plus my battery is awesome and my wife’s was fully charged on Monday, same as mine, I am at 99% and my wife’s keyboard is at 50%. So there is something wonky. I wonder if I made a mistake using Migration assistant and unknowingly moved a bug from her old system over to her new M1 system. She started using this keyboard a few weeks ago before we did the migration and she complained then that she had to charge it every day. I can go weeks without charging. So there is something screwy.

probably would not hurt to reset the PRAM or SMC of the mac. There are tons of references in the web for doing that, including this one

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+1 for using the bluetooth dongle. It has solved all my issues I had trying to connect to my M1 mini via bluetooth directly. Just plug it inot the dock, so it picks keyboard up a.s.a. you reconnect

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If her keyboard is losing charge that quickly, I suspect the keyboard is the problem. It shouldn’t need to charge that frequently.

A quick test would be for the two of you to swap keyboards for a while and see what happens. If nothing changes when swapped (connection issues, battery tanking), then something in the Mac or other physical setup is the problem. If all of the problems go away (or become transferred to you), then the keyboard is broken and that should be an easy fix.

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Thanks everyone. I will be working on this issue this weekend.