Bluetooth speaker(s) for car?

My van is old enough to get its drivers license, and is slowly deteriorating. I’ll need to put it down at some point, but need to get another year out of it.

I have been using a Bluetooth receiver connected to the factory radio, but the factory radio is dying. Factory radio is very much built in, so no hopes of replacing it.

Any recommendations for a decent Bluetooth speaker I can plug into the DC jack and connect to my iPhone (that’s the tie-in that makes this on topic)?

Podcasts and (everything but country) music, don’t need to shake the windows.

If the van isn’t super-noisy, a JBL Flip used to work well for me. Not the same as the built-in stuff, but perfectly serviceable as long as you’re not a hardcore audiophile. :slight_smile:

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I really like this one in general, but it seems to me it would work great in a car because it fits perfectly in a cup holder. I have the generation/version before this one, but it looks about the same.


I agree the ue boom would be the way to go. Obviously connect to the dc power via a cigarette lighter 12V to USB plug and then a USB cable

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The JBL is a very similar design, although the woofers are on the ends - so you’d want to lay it horizontal. I used to put mine in the passenger seat. :slight_smile: