Bond Bridge and Controlling RF Fan Lights via Homebridge

Today I set up a Bond Bridge with the hope of finally automating a couple of ceiling fan lights that I really like which can only be controlled by an RF remote. It was pretty easy to install and seemed to have no issues recognizing my remote. I installed the Homebridge Bond plugin in Homebridge and the fan and light do show up in the Home App (although I do lose dimmer functionality, but can set dimmer level in the Bond Home App). The issue I am having is that while the fan control seems to work fine, but light toggle switch appears to have issues turning the light off requiring me to toggle the switch multiple times before the light will finally turn off. On occasion the switch gets mixed up and turns the light on when I toggle it off and vice versa. Anyone out there have experience with Bond Bridge and perhaps have some insight?

Thank you for the quick response!

When these fans were installed way back in 1998 the installation was kind of odd. Both fans were connected to two wall switches that as far as I can tell do nothing more than provide power to the fan. The fan itself must be controlled by the RF remote. I can turn on either one of the wall switches and control both the fan and the light with the remote. The light actually has a dimmer which does not make it into Homekit via the Homebridge plugin (just get an on/off toggle). A crude dimmer option does show up in the Bond Home App. Regardless, I have not touched the remote since adding it to the Bond Bridge so the issue I described occurs only when using the Home App to control the fans. Even so, where I am at now is far better than having to deal with the remote.

One other issue I am dealing with is that both fans respond to the same identical RF signal so that if both fans have power turning on one will also turn on the other (although the lights do seem to independently remember their prior dimming level). This weekend I am going to install a smart switch on each of the fans to see if combining switch activation (i.e. turning the power on) with fan control will allow me to control the fans independently. In any event, I figure in time I will get this worked out.


Yesterday I installed Aqara single rocker smart switches in place of one of the fan wall switches in both my family room and master bedroom then wrote a shortcut to power on the particular fan I wanted to control. Worked like a charm. An unexpected result was that when the fan lights did not respond to the “off” signal from my Bond they would go off when I powered off the switch at the end of the shortcut without getting mixed up with regard to its current state. While this was a bit of a clunky solution it works great and meets my need.

My one remaining issue is finding a way to create separate accessories in Homekit for the individual fan/lights. One thing I might try today is to add the upstairs fan’s remote (even though it is identical in all ways to the downstairs fan’s remote) to see if that will add a second set of accessories that can be stored in it specific room on the Home App. Anyone ever do this?