Book discovery?

There are some authors that I like reading in book form, but not following everything they write / say on podcasts.

Y’know, the ones that have a few great ideas and then just repeat the same things for a few years until their next book. Wash, rinse, repeat.

But not following them means I might not catch their next book.

Is there some easy way to just get email notifications when an author (ideally, a digest of a list of multiple authors) releases a new book?

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I follow my favorite authors on Twitter, but there are publications like that get press releases from the big publishing houses.

With all the ways authors can self publish these days I’m not sure there’s one way to keep up with everyone.

I’d be fine if it only caught stuff through major publishers and/or Amazon. I was actually hoping Amazon would have something, but I can’t find anything.

Have you tried following your favorite authors on their Amazon Author Page? I think you will be notified of new books if you do that.


Ah, that’s a good idea. I’ll check that out - thanks!

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I do that for all the authors I like to follow. It works well othe than I tend tobuy the books when they come out and add them to my ever-growing Kindle to be read list.


Yeah, Amazon’s author page is great as long as the author has an author page. You can get emails from Amazon for everything.