Bookmarking iOS apps

I’m a little embarrassed to be asking this but I was just looking at a bunch of iOS apps I was interested in and was wondering if there was a way to ‘bookmark’ an app somehow in the iOS App Store so that I could come back to them later.

I couldn’t find something like that. I use Appsliced to track price alerts and favorites


There used to be a ‘Wishlist’ feature but I think that went away a few years ago.

However, there’s a fairly easy way to achieve what you want.

I have a note in the Notes app called ‘iOS Apps - Someday Maybe’ (harkening back to my GTD days).

When I find an iOS app that I am interested about, I open the App Store app and use the ‘Share’ button (you know, the square with the arrow pointing up) to send it to the

I find the above-named note and select it. You can even add some commentary before you send it. I usually put in the date and where I heard about the app and what made me interested in it.

Once you hit ‘Save’ or ‘Done’ it will add it to the note. Then you can go back to that note later and browse all of the apps that you have saved for later.

The ability to add a note actually makes this a better option than the old “Wishlist” feature in the App Store, but it’s a little less convenient.


I have a Things list “Apps to check out”. Some stuff I’ve just typed in there, others I’ve share-sheeted from the App Store as @tjluoma describes.

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I was using the App List for this use case -

Now, I created a Apps folder in and save all Apps there. This also includes web apps that I came across, such as,

Raindrop link:


Thank you all for your suggestions. I’m a bit surprised they took away this functionality. Seems like it would help sales but Apple is smarter than I am.