Bookmarks (actual, physical ones)

I am reading some older books, and I would like bookmarks for them. I know that you can literally use any piece of paper, but I’m kind of hoping for something a little fancier. Kind of like the bookmark equivalent of writing with a really nice pen.

I know we have some book readers here – what do y’all use?

I used to use the blown-in subscription cards from some of my favorite magazines. But now I cut up anything with a nice picture on it that has a little heft to it - usually old calendars and even card stock that comes in junk mail if it is colorful.

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In most cases I just dog-ear the pages.

I got a bunch of these about 30 years ago during a trip to the UK, and I’ve been using them ever since when I read a book I don’t want to deface.


I use page points, aka book darts (there are a number of makers) for editions I am using while translating. Page points make it easy to mark a specific line.

For some books, like large dictionaries, I use a book weight.

I also use magnetic bookmarks.

I use clip bookmarks.

I use some laser cut wood bookmarks that were gifts.

And often postcards bought for the purpose.


Depending on how I am using the book, either page nibs, book bungee, or book notes cards, all from Levenger.

This is kind of like the “annotated bibliography of bookmarks”. Thanks. :slight_smile:

Have you found any of the magnetic bookmarks that aren’t super-chunky? Most of the ones I’ve seen are thick enough that it feels like a horrible thing to do to a book.

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You’re a monster!!!



Probably licks his fingers to turn the page too!


I am a big fan of “book darts”. They’re little pieces of very thin metal – mine are brass – folded tightly such that you can attach them to a single page. The sides come to a point, so you can use them to point to a single line. They usually come in a little tin of 50. You can use a single one as a super discreet bookmark, but they are small and light enough that you can use multiple or many of them in the same book as a form of temporary highlighting.

Mine are from a Canadian brand called Lee Valley, but it looks like there are brands on Amazon, etc.

Edit: Missed that @Medievalist already mentioned these – make this a +1, then :slight_smile:


Japanese magnetic bookmarks tend to be thinner.

Check out this fancy guy. :joy_cat::joy_cat:

The local bookstore I buy books from always include calling card size paper with famous quotes. That’s what I use as bookmark. A friend gifted me a darth vader and stormtrooper bookmark made of felt. But I found them too think to use and impractical so I just went back to old card.

In the past, I use the book receipt as bookmark.

How have I acquired so many (I haven’t shown duplicates). Why do I need so many?


Looks like a good visit.

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Giant rubber bands, not too tight: Don’t mark and don’t fall out of the kids’ books that get moved around a lot!

@MacSparky needs one of these…

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+1 for book darts

And +1 for Lee Valley (American link since most people here are in US, but also Canadian and International stores). I love this store!