Boom Arm and Shock Mount Recommendation?

Hey MPU!

Need some buying advice. I currently have a Shure SM58 that I use for my audio recordings (doing podcast testing and some home stuff) and I use a small $8 mic stand.

There are times I want to stand up while recording and looking to get a boom arm that I hope would allow for either sitting or standing positions. I will also need a good shock mount.

Anyone have recommendations on these 2 that would work with a Shure SM58?

I’ve been using the same O.C. White boom for 15 years. Rock solid.

This is the one I have.

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I have a Rode PSA1 boom arm and it’s been great. Very smooth action and stays where you put it.


I’ve had springs die after several years in two Rode arms. I’ve got links to what I use here:

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I have two Rode PSA1 boom arms (one home, one office), and both have been rock solid.

I’m a big fan of Heil products. I have the Heil PL2T with my Heil PR40

Love them both for over 5 years!