Brave content blocker and website time limiter

Recently, I decided to switch to Brave and see how it goes. (I know there is a big Brave thread going on currently.)

One of the things I’ve used on Safari is the 1Blocker extension. One of the key reasons was that when using Facebook (thankfully, not very often), it allowed me to block content blocks on the page. When I just looked at FB on Brave, I forgot how much stuff is there that I don’t want to see.

Is there a similar content blocker that I can use on Brave?

Also, can anyone recommend an extension that I can set to put a block / daily time limit on individual websites?



The standard Chrome/Chromium adblock extension recommended is uBlock Origin (not uBlock). It’s very good, and you can choose from dozens of curated add-on blocklists (including ones you can add manually), based on subject (eg blocking porn) or geographic area. There’s a good Reddit group for this extension as well

I personally instead use two sister extensions that are spinoffs from uBlock Origin: Nano Adblocker and Nano Defender. They use any of the uBlock lists. Much more powerful than anything in Safari, including a blocker to get you past sites that recognize you’re using an adblocker.

All these apps are downloads from the Chrome Store.

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Actually Brave was designed to block unwanted adds and prevent browser fingerprinting. So maybe it will do on its own?

Plugins are notoriously insecure so a browser that natively supports the functionality is great

I probably could’ve been more clear. When I’m talking about blocking content blocks in FB, there are things that are not ads but things like News and People You know, etc. In 1Blocker, you could select that block and not have it shown.

I use F.B. Purity to clean up Facebook in my browsers. It is made specifically for the purpose and I’ve found it to be reliable compared to trying to customize rules in 1Blocker or the other content blockers I’ve tried.

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Now I understand.

though, if you don’t want to be tracked: why do you use facebook?


I want to minimize the tracking. But I also am trying Brave because there are sites that I need that don’t work well on Safari so I’ve had to use Chrome. I wanted a better solution which is why I’m trying Brave.

But I have to use FB for certain groups. I had to use FB for MPU awhile back. Thankfully, this group got switched.