Breveto: A Beautiful Writing App for Mac

Well, this looks interesting!

Only on the Mac at the moment but iOS (and hopefully iPad) are planned.


it’s beautiful! But, like, do I really need another writing app? :frowning:

Of course not! But look, new pretty app! :rofl:


I checked it on launch, it’s nice but overpriced compared to other similar mature products.

I shared the feedback with the dev and they said that they’re considering changing the pricing model.

I hope it becomes a one time payment, like their other app ColorSlurp which is one of the best color apps on mac.

I’m already using Scrivener which these days has not only a macOS version but one for iOS and iPadOS and a Windows version. Long time Scriverner user in fact been a decade since I first bought a copy and been using ever since.

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