Broken Apple Watch 3 Face - options

Looking for suggestions/options…

Yesterday I accidentally broke the glass on my Series 3 Apple Watch. The watch works fine, except that the display no longer responds to touch. To me - this means the watch is essentially…a watch. (Can’t start workouts, etc.)

What options do I have? Here are a few I’ve considered:

  1. Purchase like-replacement. Currently $229US at several locations. [This is less expensive than repairing it.]
  2. Purchase Series 4. The downside is the new model will be released in a few months.
  3. Keep what I have until a newer version comes out. Then purchase Series 4 at a reduced price or Series 5(?). [If I can find a way to navigate my broken watch without touch functionality, this is my current preference.]

Thank you

May 18 edit:
Just realized I can start AND stop workouts via Siri. Just tell my watch to ‘start outdoor walk’ and ‘stop workout’ when it is complete.

Also - I’m buying a friend’s used Series 4…

Personally I’d choose Door #3. It’s a watch, not my phone or computer.

If I was definitely planning on buying a new watch, I’d prefer buying the newest model over tracking my workouts for a few months. YMMV

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No AppleCare for it, I take it? I don’t know if I would use mine, if I couldn’t use the touch screen. I would probably snag a series 4, 'cause I’s impatient like that.


This happened to my wife’s watch. We sold her broken watch on eBay for $75, then bought a new Series 3 on sale.


Yeah and if you really want to upgrade to a Series 5 then you can sell your series 4 and use that to fund some of the cost.

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I managed to ruin 3 Apple Watches… :persevere::joy:

Waiting for version 5


Keep that up and you might get a Christmas card from Tim Cook :smile: