Brother Drivers updated for Catalina

I’ve been keeping an eye on this status page for the last week or so. It looks like Brother has updated drivers for many of their printers/MFCs to support Catalina.

They’ve stated that they won’t be updating ControlCenter2 to work with Catalina.

(I haven’t yet updated…got to decide if I’m brave enough yet.)


Yeah, I updated yesterday as I was running Go64. Still a lot of “Adobe Systems” in my list, so that’s is a bit worrying. Of course, some of it could be old stuff left over from CS5 or CS6, but it’s hard to tell. Only 2 of 18 entries is in subdirectory to “Adobe Creative Cloud”, but that isn’t saying much…

Also, the Wacom-drivers are not yet certified, but working versions for the Catalina Beta have been available, so I’m thinking those should be close as well.