Browser of choice under Monterey

Since OS X, I have been trying to like Safari. However, time and time again, I had go back to using Chrome. One reason is because I use gmail and G Suite, etc.

May be Safari has better privacy setting but even with Monterey, I am struggling with getting Safari to work properly. It is slow and sometimes would not even load properly.

Just wondering there is something I have done wrong (setting, configuration, extension, etc). Love to hear others’ experience in terms of browsing in the last 6 months

I’ve been doing a similar experiment. So far it has been better than previous attempts to use Safari as default. I’ve been experiencing some odd bugs lately, but I’ll post that in a separate thread. They may not be due to Safari, not sure.

I do not use Gmail, but I have recently shifted to a more Google-centric workflow, so I frequently have Google Drive open. My ad-blocking experience seems to be better this time than last, and that was one thing holding me back from switching.

I’ve been having similar problems and suspect Apple’s privacy features are at least part of the problem. Unchecking “Hide IP address from trackers” has helped on some sites, but I still find many pages fail to load completely.

I have Chrome installed just to run Gmail but I am increasingly having to use it when Safari chokes up. I prefer Safari but am close to replacing it with Brave.

I’ve been using Brave in place of Chrome. Brave uses the same underlying foundation as Chrome, Chromium, but without all the tracking. This gives you the added benefit of speed. So far seems good for me.


I use Safari on all devices all of the time. Very few issues, and when I do have them, they tend to be because of Extensions.


I really wish I could use Safari, but the Learning Management System (LMS) we use at my university recently got upgraded and it is now completely incompatible with Safari. Chrome and Firefox work so I’ve had to settle between them, favoring Chrome because some websites for things like train booking don’t work on Firefox where I live.

I really like Safari, but when development teams for web applications refuse to develop for it, it’s a deal-breaker.

The world is starting to do this and you can thank Microsoft for it. As long as the default browser on Windows was anything but Chromium most devs would have to at least account for the diverse array of rendering engines. Now… with Edge being built on Chromium the path to Google owning the web is almost complete.

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Still using Firefox or Vivaldi here. Personally I dislike Safari a lot on macOS, it feels like it has a fraction of the features and speed it should have. Vivaldi is built off of Chromium so anything Google-centric should work just as well on it, although I haven’t tried that in a while.

When it comes to Safari, I would blame Apple more, actually. It’s lagged behind implementing web standards for forever. Not to mention that its dev tools are generally considered worse than Chromium/Firefox ones.
Also, I think Edge moving to Chromium might be a good counterbalance to Google. Since MS has the resources to fork and maintain Chromium if Google takes things too far.

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For anything that require Chrome, I use Brave browser.

My daily driver is now Vivaldi. One thing I miss is the send to reading list functionality with Safari.

Follow up: I’m leaving Safari again.

If I had followed my own advice I would have never tried it again to begin with. Because Apple has somehow managed to build an insanely large company on stellar hardware tech while providing sub-par software. Anything below the OS level is just meh. Yes, there are a few exceptions, but just a few.

The straw that broke the camel’s back this time is links. Yes, clicking links. The first time a link opens a blank tab you might be forgiven for thinking it was some sort of glitch. But the second time? And the third? Nope, not just a glitch. It’s a bug. Tried it in Chrome, opens right up. So that’s it for me. Adios Safari.


I currently have three browsers installed on Monterey — Safari, Vivaldi and Firefox — but a beta of Orion that I’m tire-kicking. I’m using Bumpr to control which links open in which browser.

I’ve had a few issues where some pages on some sites don’t work properly in Safari, usually where a Captcha is involved, but for most sites it works fine. I only occasionally use Google services, though, and for those I use Firefox with the Multi-Account Containers extension.

Vivaldi is really nice, I love the customisation features and the ability to set keyboard shortcuts for most functions. The only thing that Safari has over it is the tighter integrations with other apps I use such as NetNewsWire, but for a long time Vivaldi was my primary browser.

Firefox is… okay. I’m a fan of their Containers technology, but not a fan of their UI choices of late.


similar experience for me, hence starting this topic. I thought it was just me also

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