Browser security questions

I’m using Brave with uBlock Origin and Privacy Badger. No passwords stored in browser. I use separate Profiles for personal, banking, work, dodgy, crypto (with various wallet extensions), etc.

  1. Assuming that Chromium Profile sandboxing isolates works as it should and there’s no compelling reason to move, say my ‘banking’ stuff, to a completely different browser?
  2. Same question for accessing ‘dodgy’ sites (e.g. free movie streaming that are littered with pop-ups)?
  3. What about using a minimal Docker container (with just a Browser installed) and where all data is wiped upon restart - anyone doing that?
  1. I don’t use a separate browser to do my banking, but I do clear caches before and after each session. You can set Edge and some others to clear caches automatically when they close. I prefer doing my finances on my iPad/iPhone whenever possible.

“Apple does a better job keeping malicious software out of its iOS mobile platform than MacOS, Federighi said. But, experts warn, threats against smartphones in general are on the rise, as people use them to do more work than ever on the go.”

  1. I don’t visit ‘dodgy’ sites.
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Going to sites that provide content illegally or dodgily is quite probably opening your computer up to way more risk than a leaky profile.


Yeah, so think it’s going to be that Docker approach for those adversarial sites (which I should clarify are not doing anything illegal or even untoward but are configured like they are).