Browser that reliably syncs tabs?

I’m fed up with Safari and the unreliable state of iCloud Tabs. I was hoping Tab Groups would solve the problem, but it doesn’t seem any more reliable.

Does any browser handle this effectively? I’ve tried Safari and Brave. Is Chrome or Firefox any better (as much as I’d love to avoid using Chrome)? I know this has been discussed in the past, but I’m curious if circumstances have improved in the past few years.

Microsoft Edge’s tab sync works well for me. I think it’s the same mechanism Chrome uses (since Edge is built on top of Chromium), but I could be mistaken.

One thing I like about Edge is that you can pin the History menu to your toolbar, which makes it quicker to see the synced tabs:

If you can get in on the beta, Arc has fantastic tab syncing.

I agree with you about Safari - it’s syncing is absolutely abysmal. I’m amazed it hasn’t been fixed after all this time.

It’s probably iCloud which is unreliable. So switching browsers may have no effect on what you notice unless you change the sync method.

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Edge works fine for me also.

Are you syncing with Microsoft’s service?

yeah, with my MS account.

Brave does a good job at it as well. No need to sign up with Microsoft or Google

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Good to know - thanks. I’m on the waiting list for the beta.

Interesting. It was hit or miss for me. Maybe I’ll try it again.

What software and servers does the sync?

Any tips/ideas on how to get in on the beta? I’ve been hoping to start the semester with a clean slate tab-wise, and I think Arc would be the perfect way to go about it.

Also, just noting that if you do a lot of tab management and wouldn’t mind paying for a plug-in, Workona is a good option. Not for everybody, but really nice for what it does. Unlimited tab groups, open and close each group at will, automatic memory of the last state of each group, etc.

I just saw mention of this tonight on Twitter. Their website gives almost no info on it, but the person talking about it on Twitter was very positive about it. I signed up for the beta myself just to see.

Depending on what you need, Handoff might be fine. It’s not really ‘sync’ per se but it covers what I need in that department.