Buggy charging - iPhone SE 2nd Gen

Posted before about this, different issue but same outcome.

Girlfriend’s phone is only charging to 80% at night. We thought it was the “optimize battery” setting, so we disabled it. Intermittently since then, she’s been having problems. Now three days in a row.

With “optimize battery” off, charging via Qi through an Otterbox case, it starts charging just fine (after being relatively low - 20-30% maybe?) but only gets to 80%. The phone (per the 24 hour graph) maxed out (at 80%) around midnight to 1 AM, and she woke up around 4:30 AM.

Apple says they shut down charging if the battery is overheating, but they also say they resume charging once the heat has dissipated. I don’t know how 3.5 hours wouldn’t be enough for it to cool enough to charge some more. And honestly, I don’t have any reason to suspect battery overheating.

Are there any bugs with iPhone Qi charging? Anything obvious that I’m missing?

Will it charge to 100% overnight if she plugs it in? Will it charge to 100% overnight on a Qi charger without the case?

Have you tried calling Apple?

We’ll be trying the plugged in charging tonight.

Charging without a case isn’t a great option since she’s prone to dropping things / knocking them off shelves, and it’s a pain to get things in and out of an Otterbox.

We’ll likely give that a shot this weekend if we don’t figure something else out. Weeknights are a hassle with all the other stuff going on. :slight_smile:

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I’d be curious to know whether plugging it in directly had helped. It was the first option that came to mind when I was reading this. My fear would be an actual hardware problem with the battery itself.

She must be related to my wife :wink:

Many many years ago (like, iPhone 4 era, maybe?) she dropped and broke her iPhone screen 3-4 times in a very short interval (even with a case on it). Finally the touch screen started to develop “dead areas”. Which she tried to live with (without telling me about it) until I saw her completely frustrated one day and she told me what was going on.

Her iPhone was my old iPhone that she had “inherited” after my 2-year contract was up, and she didn’t think she needed it, at first, then grew to really like it, then felt horrible for being human and dropping it. (It wasn’t like she was careless, they were all instances of “That’s why they call them accidents.”)

I finally convinced her that I was going to buy her a new iPhone, but she made me promise that I would put it into an Otterbox before I handed it to her. Which has been our pattern ever since.

Her iPhone SE (the original version, which she used for years and years until the battery would no longer hold a charge through the day) now lives as a Pushcut Automation Server… and is still in an Otterbox.

It seems like plugging in directly has helped. We have to figure out what we’re going to do next, and some other little stuff came up that’s prevented us from making the calls to Apple. :slight_smile:

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