Build Your OmniFocus Workflow

Ryan Dotson (@nostodnayr) and myself have written a book about OmniFocus. It’s called Build Your OmniFocus Workflow.

We wrote it to be a kind of ‘missing manual’ for OmniFocus, so we wanted it to be really informative and to the point. More than that, though, we wanted it to help the reader in building or improving their workflow by understanding the features and concepts in OmniFocus. We take you through the basic concepts and perspectives of OmniFocus before taking on the complex world of custom perspectives and automation.

Frequently throughout the book Ryan and I drop in with our personal interpretations of features, showing you how we use them and how we handle different situations. At the end of the book we give you a more detailed look into our workflows, too. The book is also scattered with lots of tips and hints on how to use OmniFocus, the app, more effectively.

We’ve got a sample of the first chapter available from our web site. The book is currently on sale for US$25, but will go up to $30 in the new year.


Nice looking book Rose, congratulations on the release!

Only one thing to consider from an informational perspective could be to include the actual page numbers in the ToC. This will provide prospective customers with a hint about the amount of content in the book.

That’s a good point, @airwhale. It’s generated dynamically, but we could do a manual copy for the sample. Thanks for the feedback. :slight_smile: For what it’s worth, the book is 155 pages long.

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The free sample has been updated with page numbers!


Thank you Rosemary and Ryan. Got it!

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@RosemaryOrchard The book looks interesting. From what I can tell it is in PDF format. Is that correct?

ePUB (for iBooks, etc.) is also provided – you can download both for the same purchase.


As Quorm said, you get both! There’s also a trigger list available in the download pack.

Just as a note: apparently a few icons are missing inline in the ePub version, however you will likely know what they are when reading - and we’re working on fixing that!

Follow up: the icons are black, in dark mode they’re hidden and without making you do lots of crazy stuff we can’t get the icons to change colour!

Excellent, I was hoping it was an ebook. This will be good reading over the holidays.

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I ordered the book last night. Rosemary wrote the book? I’m buying the book. Thank you Rosemary & Ryan Dotson


Omnifoucs 3 is getting too costly :slight_smile:

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Wondering how the topics covered here compare to Macsparky Field Guide?

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I would suggest comparing the free sample and David’s overview of his field guide. Personally I think they’re complementary to one another - but I’m naturally biased :wink:

(The free sample is linked at the bottom of the home page.)


I just went through the field guide and I’m nearly finished with Rose’s book. I believe they are both very helpful. There’s some overlap but also helpful differences. Having just gone through both of them I can recommend both.


I’m really pleased to hear you think it’s helpful. Thank you.


Tossing up between buying this or Koroush’s book (in addition to davids fieldguide).

Decisions decisions!

Thanks for this book. I am sure i will benefit from this purchase.