Build your own Apple-I type computer

SmartyKit will soon be taking orders for their kit that lets you build your own Apple-I computer. It doesn’t look like an Apple-I, but functions like one.


It seems to be just the hardware not including the OS Apple used at the time. Also no mention of which application software is available for it, most notably a compiler.

This is Apple-I (rather than Apple ][ ), so probably just runs BASIC from ROM.


And your project after the pseudo-Apple I will be a Babbage difference engine, I assume? Followed later by an Antikythera mechanism? Reminds me of an xkcd “my hobby is…” episode. :slight_smile:

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I am waiting for the full-sized retro Commodore C64 to make it to north America. I have spent plenty of time watching Youtube videos of folks restoring and using old computers. Things like the Apple II, the Apple IIgs and old Commodore computers.

The other thing I like to do if I have 25 minutes to kill is to watch old episodes of The Computer Chronicles.


I’ve always been partial to the 6502 family of processors. Never owned an Apple computer before a used Beige G3, but had other 6502-based devices, VIC-20, Atari 400, I think HeathKit trainer at vo-tech school, etc.
I cut my teeth on the 1802 in my Netronics Elf-II.

Oops, this turned into a “back in my day” post.