Bulk email handling on iOS

On my PC I use the Gmail web interface to check and manage my email. On iOS I’m using Spark.

I get a lot of individual email from the same address. On the Gmail website it’s a simple matter to click the menu, click filter this message and then mark as read and archive.

The thing is I can’t really see a way to do it in Spark. The best I’ve found is opening the first email and pressing archive then repeating for each email which quickly becomes annoying.

Does anyone know of a way to bulk search, mark as read and archive a bunch of email on IOS?

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In Spark, long press on a message in the inbox, tap select from the menu and you can select messages to bulk edit.

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Thanks richrossi. I didn’t know about the long press menu. At the very bottom there is an option to search for all email by that sender, in the next screen when you click Select it then changes to Select All and then I can archive from there. Super simple.

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The built-in Mail app also supports bulk handling. Start dragging with two fingers to enter the multi-selection mode. Swipe down to select continuous list items or tap the check boxes to select individual ones, then use the action buttons at the bottom to move, mark as read, or delete them all (you can also use drag-and-drop gestures).