Bulk email to PDF export for Outlook or apple mail

There used to be an application that did a great job of migrating large quantities of emails (including attachments) into PDF format, in folders. I cant’ seem to find this app any more. Does any one know of another similar app?

I want to put legacy emails into readable PDF format for storage and easier retrieval.

thanks you

EagleFiler does a great job of archiving your email. It’s fast. Search and retrieval is top-notch. However, it keeps your email in native format (.eml) and displays items either in its own window, or allows them to open in your mail program. For me, this avoids the problem I’ve observed of lost data or format that sometimes happens converting an email to PDF. Of course, EagleFiler lets you print an email to PDF if you want to send it to someone else. (I’ve not found a way to covert a batch of email items to PDF.) Besides archiving my email, I store all kinds of personal research, receipts, and log files in the EagleFiler app. It’s a handy program.

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Yes, EagleFiler is great. I’ve been able to unlock ancient .pst files with it.

I’m trying to have the emails available in searchable PDFs which I can access via cloud storage (OneDrive). There was an app that did this, but I can’t remember the name.

I use Email Archiver Pro to bulk convert my Apple Mail emails and attachments to PDF.


I think Mozilla Thunderbird has a built-in feature (might’ve been an add-on) capable of doing that.

Yes, that’s it! Thank you so much!