Bulk migrating videos from Vimeo to Youtube

Hi guys. I am in the process of figuring out the best workflow to get a bunch of Vimeo videos transferred to Youtube. I guess this is not a Mac-specific question, but I am curious whether there might be some third party Mac software out there that can do this.

I’m aware that I can download videos individually to my hard drive or Google drive and re-upload them. I’m also aware that I can probably write a script to do this (and still may).

But is there an already existing tool (either local software or web app) that has this functionality? My googling so far has not been very helpful.

Bing co-pilot came up with this. Maybe it will give you some ideas.

Thank you…I did actually watch this video before and it’s a bit misleading. The process described is just downloading videos individually to Google Drive and uploading individually from there (so yes, technically not downloading to your computer). Unfortunately, it’s still the opposite of dealing with them in an efficient bulk-processing capacity.

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