Bumpr-like app for iOS

Any suggestions for an app for iOS that lets you click a link and then instead of opening a browser will let you select a browser instead? I use bumpr on the Mac for this. iOS 14 feature of default browser should allow for an app like this to exist now.

Unfortunately not. Opener is the closest. When iOS 14 came out, they announced that is was not possible for them to do as you’ve described. See here

However, there are some people using the back tap functionality and shortcuts in other places to get close.

Apple will only allow true browsers to be opened by a link, so the behaviour you’ve described will not be allowed in a standalone app.

Thanks for the info. I asked the dev of opener a while ago but didn’t get response. So far I’m just using Shortcuts to do what opener does as I’m not a fan of a full list of app appearing no matter if they are not installed on my device.