Bunch with DevonThink?

I have started playing with Bunch and I like it. I have multiple projects going on and each one usually requires opening one or two DOC files, one or two PDF files, sometimes an XLS file, and usually a web page. It usually takes me a minute or two to get things set up. But with Bunch, I can switch contexts really fast. But part of my context for some projects includes an item in DevonThink. Has anybody tried using Bunch and Devonthink together?

I have not played with Bunch, but I imagine DEVONthink’s saved workspaces would work well for this.

I don’t use Bunch, though I’ve read about it, so take this suggestion with a pinch of salt…

Can’t you use the x-devonthink item link (i.e. the one you get with right-click > Copy Item link for the document? I’ve just tested this from the terminal:

open x-devonthink-item://4B3E3A38-DA55-4FA6-8786-AF3733DBB890

and it opens Devonthink 3 if it’s not already open and goes straight to the correct document. This is exactly the sort of thing the item link exists for, I think. Obviously, you could make this into a markdown and/or rtf link as required.

Is that the sort of thing you mean?

Yes, of course. I didn’t think of that. Thank you. I will try that.

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That did it. Thanks again.

Good news :smile: ……