BusyCal and busycontacts vs. Cardhop and Fantastical

I just got an email touting flexibits programs. I have been using the “Busy” programs for years. I am pretty happy with them. I really like Cardhop on iOS. It lets me manage groups.
Does anyone recommend the flexibility programs? I wonder about the learning curve as well.

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I’m using BusyCal right now and it’s been solid but I eventually think I’ll move over to Flexibits premium bundle.

Check the size of their team. Granted not everyone is software engineer but this team is clearly assembled to produce more than two apps that were largely already mostly baked.

I’d bet dollars to donuts that Flexibits is probably more than 50% complete an the final missing piece that they need for the triumvirate and that is a well integrated email client. Email is the conduit unto which our Contact database and schedule take root.

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Flexibits must be doing well. When I evaluated fantastical it was just two developers.

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I was thinking this recently too. One can hope!


I do. I didn’t think I would ever care about, or change, the contact app I use but after downloading and Cardhop I’ve deleted the stock contacts app. Cardhop looks really nice and it was the same for Fantastical. I watched the field guide @MacSparky made for it and was sold, and if I remember correctly it was a free guide.

I subscribe to Fantastical but wasn’t a prior user of Cardhop, so this was nice to see in the Mac app release notes today. The contacts search is great! Natural language updating of contact records isn’t parsing in a way that feels intuitive to me, though. I’ll have to read what all I can do with it.

I loved Busy Contacts for the email integration (see email history with various contracts) but that disappeared and I wasn’t interested in all the trouble shooting necessary to make it work. Plus, there was no iOS version. So far, I like this interaction of Card Hop a LOT more and can use it across platforms.

I would LOVE to know how to call from a phone number on iOS without having to do three clicks. . .PLEASE HELP!!!

FWIW, I used Fantastical happily for many years but when my employer stopped allowing it, I switched to BusyCal and I find I don’t miss Fantastical.

I never clicked with Cardhop – for me it’s a big “I don’t get it.”

I must say I’m really struggling to see the point in it. I don’t use the stock contacts app… just do everything through Phone. Why does everyone rave about it???


There are two features that make it worthwhile in my estimation:

1.Natural language processing. When you start entering a persons name phone number email etc. it automatically fills in all of the correct fields.

2.The ability to manage groups on iOS. I have a lot of groups and it is helpful to be able to manage those on an iOS device when I’m using it as my primary “workstation.“

New features have also just recently been added.