Buyer's Remorse

First of all, Happy New Year.
Over the holidays I decided to buy myself the AirPods Pro which I have been wanting since they were released. I am not a music lover, I mainly use headphones at work to stay focused while I program or to listen to podcasts. I have been using Bose QuietComfort 35. Some of the things I dislike about the Bose heavy, ears get hot, uncomfortable for extended period of time. AirPods Pro light, comfortable.

So why the buyer’s remorse? I basically have a set of good noise cancelling headphones in the Bose so I find I should not be spending the $300 plus (CDN) on another set of headphones.

I really like the AirPods, so I am wondering if I should get the originally AirPods and save some money or bite the bullet and just keep the Pros?

Thanks for reading.

Could you sell the QC35s to recover some of the cost of the AirPods Pro? The net may work out to roughly the cost of the regular AirPods, and you’d have the QC35s that you don’t like out of your life.


Definitely sell the Bose. Or use your new ability to focus comfortably to freelance a few extra hours to pay for ‘em. :slight_smile:

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I see no need for buyer’s remorse here.


Yes - you have a good set of noise-cancelling headphones that are:

I would keep the AirPods that you “really like” and sell the Bose. And don’t look back.

Enjoy your new AirPods.

I also have both and have been so happy with the AirPods Pro that I haven’t really picked up the Bose since I got them.

The noise cancelling is quite as good (which should be expected since over-the-ear actually covers your ears), but the trade-offs have been great. I’ve used them on planes, in coffee shops, and working at home with a toddler and they’ve done the job well.

If you’re Bose are uncomfortable, you shouldn’t feel guilty if you could afford the AirPods Pro and they work better for you.

Thank you for all replies, I will try to sell off the Bose.