Buying an Old Apple TV

I’ve never had an Apple TV but I’m thinking of getting an older unit to connect to a small, old 32” SD set in a bedroom.

Other than the output options and system UI is there any limitation with 2nd and 3rd gen Apple TV’s? Can they still access Apple’s entire video library?

ISTR the YouTube app won’t work on the 2nd gen any longer due to an API change on their end.

Both 2nd and 3rd Gen AppleTV models will access content from the iTunes Movie/TV library.

We have a 2nd Gen in a spare bedroom and a 3rd Gen in the Guest room. Both work just great for watching video content.

if the choice is between the 2 and 3 and there’s not much price difference I’d go for the 3 as it supports 1080p output over HDMI.

I still have the Gen 3 because most of what we do is airplay. Netflix now longer works via airplay but my daughter seems fine using its native support. I watch Netflix exclusively on iPad. I can’t find much of a reason to upgrade to the new versions, and I suspect software compatibility/support for Netflix or other services etc will be the impetus. I can’t see myself buying a 4K TV any time soon.

Incidentally we misplaced the remote for a few years and soley used the phone remote app which worked very well for us, except when you want guests to use it when you’re not home to help them install and pair their phones.

If you’ve misplaced the remote and your iPhone is no longer paired is there a way to access the TV without a remote? We are unpacking after two years away and can’t find the remote for our kitchen Apple TV…

Apple TV remotes for gen 2 and gen 3 Apple TVs are available on eBay and Amazon. No doubt some of these are cheap knock-offs, but some are genuine Apple devices - possible designed for non-US markets. The price is cheap ($7 - $15). This is the easiest way to fix your problem and avoid the hassle of installing apps, pairing phone, etc.

The later-generation Siri remotes, including the one for the 4K Apple TV are also available. One of my 4K Siri remotes broke after being dropped onto a tile floor. Refusing to pay Apple $59 for a replacement, I bought one (“genuine Apple”) on eBay for $30. It works perfectly and appears to be a genuine Apple device in all respects.

I continue to marvel at the incredibly poor design of the clumsy Apple TV remotes, including the glass construction of the newer 4th- or 5th-gen Siri-enabled remotes.

I also bought a rubber-like sleeve or case for all 4 of my Apple TV remotes, hoping to avoid a repeat the broken remote device after dropping it. I recommend this one:

Aftermarket remotes can be set up to work with Apple TV e.g. Oneforall

As far as I can tell, if you move to a new WiFi network you will need a remote to connect ATV to WiFi to enable you to then use remote app.

Yeah that’s how we’re stuck - changed the password on the router…

Also @Arthur unfortunately the Siri remote does not work with the 3 gen ATV

Maybe you can connect temporarily via ethernet to get it back.

Does your router allow a guest network? Maybe setup a guest nw with the old settings, change what you need, and add to new network?

Yes, the older generation remote is needed for the 2nd and 3rd gen Apple TVs. These are available on eBay and Amazon; prices range from $7 to $15 or so. Even though one should be wary of buying this type of item online (especially eBay), the price is so cheap that it’s worth a try.