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I am have been using Byword as a simple markdown text editor and for publishing to Tumblr though I have had some issues with the app recently. Does anyone have any advice on a lightweight markdown editor to recommend? Thanks in advance.

[Edit: In relation to the above, I am on iOS 13. The issue is that the iOS version won’t seem to take my login credentials even when confirmed they are correct but I get a login error. As a replacement $, I would say sub-$80.]

First, it would help if you told use which OS you’re asking about. :man_shrugging:And your budget. :man_shrugging:

Regardless, if you do a search you’ll find many threads about Markdown editors for both Mac and iOS.

A great free Mac option is Typora

Thanks for the recommendation. I have updated my post to reflect your excellent questions.

You might want to look at Drafts.

I don’t know if it posts directly into tumblr, but it seems to send text to just about anything.

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Thanks! I appreciate the advice.

iOS, Markdown, export to Tumblr… MWeb:


Great, another text editor… ok ok I promise I won’t check it out :roll_eyes:


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Mweb/iOS is a free download so you can easily check it out. But I think you need the Pro unlock to use it for static website export and Tumblr. (I got MWeb for Mac for $3 as part of a 2018 BundleHunt deal [currently $19.99 in the MAS], but I never bought the $8.99 iOS unlock.)

Hehe indeed.

I’ll put it in my newly created org-mode list of text editors :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

Try IA Writer. They have a free trial for the Mac. It’s $29.99 for Mac and $8.99 for iOS. You can export markdown and then share using iOS share sheet to the app you want. In this case Tumblr.


Agree with iA Writer.


iAwriter is excellent , especially fo longer form writing . Textastic is an excellent iOs editor As well.


You could try 1Writer for iOS.

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This looks fantastic. Thanks!

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Thanks everyone for your advice. I greatly appreciate it and you have given me some good options.

IA Writer here as well. The product is “constantly” updated with useful features.

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Thanks! I appreciate the insight. iA Writer is definitely on my radar.