Byword updated for Apple Silicon

Byword is an excellent markdown text editor with no subscription. Excellent cross platform syncing and publish to medium, wordpress, blogger, etc. Now updated for the M1.

Best of all it has full iOS support for TextExpander and fill-in snippets.




I wasn’t thinking of Sir Alec, but I did have those exact words in my head. I used to dig it. And iA Writer. But these days I am a happy Ulysses user.

I think I have used it for 10 years. It just works.

Do you use it on macOS and iOS?

You probably already know this, just want to say that Ulysses is available via Setapp. For iOS apps, it costs an extra $2.49/mo.

Did Ulysses add TE Fill-In Snippet support? Thats why I bailed on them in 2019. Thats a dealbreaker for me on iOS. I am lazy.

Same here… I apparently bought it on 1 Apr 2011… but I haven’t used it for a long time. Don’t remember why I stopped, but I’ve downloaded it again to check it out.

Byword is a nice little editor. I probably use it a few times a week, and never realized until this announcement that it hadn’t been running M1 natively all along.

Byword is my mid-range tool. Anything that falls between Drafts and Scrivener gets picked up by Byword.

Yes. Primarily I use it on the Mac to write long form and then sometimes edit on my iPad mini. I haven’t used it much on my iPhone but it is useful to have it there for reference if not great for writing. Or I can target it from the share sheet to paste a link for later subject material.

I was using it with the default iCloud storage until my MacBook Pro got its stupid iCloud bug, but have converted to using Dropbox for now and it still works well.

Some useful defaults write commands for Byword can be found here: