Cable Management Recommendations

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Just finished listening to the episode on home office setup and I have a few thoughts on cable management.

I work for a large university taking care of classroom media installations. I also support campus events and sometimes computer lab installations so cable management is much on my mind.

As well as the standard workstation I use every day, my desk may at times have half a dozen Mac Minis or laptops on it that I am imaging or other AV or computing devices so I have many dozens of network, KVM, power cables, etc. to manager there and have these thoughts on keeping all of those cable organized and easily accessible.

First, I distinguish between cables that will be relatively permanently connected and those I need to swap from one device to another quickly. For the permanently connected cables, I use double-sided velcro ties every couple of feet along the cables to keep them organized behind my desk split out by the part of my desk that the cables go to. Zip ties are too permanent if I ever need to change the configuration.

If you use a sit-stand desk, I recommend raising it to its maximum height before starting to dress your cables and making sure that all of your cables are long enough, otherwise they, and the items they are connected to may be pulled off the desk when you raise it.
For cables that get plugged and unplugged frequently, I recommend using these heavy weighted cable holders on your desktop Nothing worse than unplugging a cable and having it fall behind your desk so you have to crawl around and retrieve it. These also work well for permanent install cables that are managed by other things until they get to the desktop but then are loose. having one of these near the cable end can keep the cable and any lightweight devises from moving around.

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I would caution against using duct tape or even gaffer’s tape to attach things long-term to your desk or especially to your computer. Over the course of years, even gaffer’s tape will leave a sticky glue residue. Goo Gone will probably take that off but might ruin the finish of your computer.

What we call “gorilla velcro” works well to mount items but if the room ever gets hot, the glue that attaches the velcro may eventually fail, especially if it is working against gravity, holding something heavy to the underside of a desk for example.

Lastly, if you have cables that need to run over carpet, I would recommend Safcord. It is a wide cloth strip with velcro on the long edges that covers the cables to eliminate trip hazards and conceal them.




Maybe they said this (haven’t listened yet) but I also find it helpful to label cables, usually at both ends. I’m sure there are products made for the but I find file folder labels work just fine.

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Yes, I agree. Our equipment installers have labelmakers that are specifically made to produce that kind of label and you can usually use a regular labelmaker for that but for home use, your solution sounds just fine. I also keep a metallic silver Sharpie around for labelling power supplies with the name and/or model number of the equipment they go with. Shows up well on black or white power supplies.