Cable managing not working

I’m using some plastic attachments that have 3M sticky material on one side and allow for a zip tie on the other. Unfortunately the 3M material is not holding to the underside of my wooden desk for longer than 30-45 days.

Does anyone have any other recommendations for holding cables, switches, and power bricks to the underside of a desk?

I haven’t had much luck with adhering things to the underside of my desk (I haven’t tried VHB tape, which is The Best of TapesTM). The only reliable solution I’ve found is this cable tray from IKEA, which is large enough for backup drives, power bricks, etc.

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I used @JohnAtl’s IKEA Signum trays at the ceiling in my cellar, to route cables from the Land of Misfit Toys (old macs and old peripherals) to a Synology box, switches and my internet service provider’s modem.

At my desk upstairs I have one of those screw-into-your-tabletop’s-underside wire trays, open on one side. The one I bought five years ago is discontinued, but I saw a lot like it online.


I’m using velcro tape

That way I can quickly change add or remove a cable if needed. Have never found it to fall off.

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I thought about this but the adhesive is my concern. If I’m unable to get the current adhesive to stay attached, how likely would another one?

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I use this velcro to stick items under the desk, but even “industrial strength” that has its limits.

As you found with your sticky bits, the adhesive is probably where it will eventually fail. Velcro is weakest on the underside of the desk because the weight works entirely against you, both for the adhesive and the hook & loop. It’s stronger when mounted vertically. It’s pretty good for hanging 2.5" portable drives, but not 3.5" desktop drives. Those are just too heavy.

For heavier things, I’m not averse to using screws under the desk. Whether to add capacity to the velcro (add a washer to the screw and cinch it down tight) or on their own. Nobody is going to see them, so why not?

The velcro didn’t work for my thunderbolt dock because of the weight of the cables, so I 3d-printed a tray that fits the dock and screwed it under the desk. With that, all the cable drag of raising and lowering my standing desk has gone away.


To bundle cables I use Velcro tape.
To secure wires and even small items like power supplies modems etc I use these zip ties:

Electriduct 6" Nylon Mounting Cable Ties Plastic Mount Head Screw Zip Ties - 50 lbs - 100 Pack - Black