Caffeine/Amphetamine Automator App

On occasion we all want to keep the screen awake when we want to monitor a long copy, a video exporting, or perhaps keep some reference info on the screen while doing something else.

In the past I used a menu bar app called Caffeine, but in recent years switched to Amphetamine (in the App Store), I think because Caffeine has ceased to be updated.

Muscle memory however means I type Cmd + Space “Caf” and hit enter before I can stop myself!

So I thought I’d build an Automator App and call it Caffeine, and have it run Amphetamine.

After thinking about it, I wondered if there was a way to activate a session if I hadn’t quit the app, and found it has Apple Script support! (Amphetamine also has some built in triggers, but didn’t work for this specifically)

The Apple Script comes straight from the developer website. It’s a great little app.

So now, even when it is running, I can use my muscle memory to keep the screen awake whether Amphetamine is running or not!