Cal’s Office Setup


Here is my somewhat messy and unkempt office. It’s quite small for the amount of stuff in it. I made the desk from a door and some table legs purchased at Menards. I will likely be getting a new desk soon that is smaller. I am a pastor and one of my church members is making me a cedar desktop from a tree cut down at the church property. Kind of a cool deal. I’ll have to update when I get that figured out. Sometimes it’s hard to be productive in here so I may need to adjust. Happy to have any suggestions. office360photo


I would consider a simplification or minimisation of the stuff, will less stuff on the desk, or one fewer shelf you could consider moving the desk against a wall, ether under the whiteboard or on the wall behind where it is in the top left picture.

This would give you more space to work with in the room, as a paster I assume that you have a lot of people come to visit you in the office. By moving the desk out of the way it makes them feel closer to you and the space more welcoming then, what it is now, which is almost reminiscent of a trip to the principals office.

And it would make collaborative work easier as people would be able to get alongside you to consult rather then leaning over a desk.


Over a long period of struggling, I’ve learned that everything that I can see takes a small amount of my attention. If there is a book where I can see its spine or cover while I’m trying to work, that book will take a bit of my attention.
Even cables distract. I can ruminate on connectors and the benefits of lightning and usb-c cables, and how they can be oriented either way, etc.

I agree with @Ben_Lincoln suggestions on rearranging the furniture.


I did not realize a man of God could be a Red Sox fan. :wink:

My desktop: IMG_0103


Maybe not, but they certainly can be a Red Sox fan!


Oops, I meant RED Sox! Ha!


Principal’s office… gross. Don’t want that. Thanks for the ideas.


Now I’m sitting here in the office thinking about how I can minimize everything and make it less, intimidating.


We did not mean to scare you an office should feel comfortable, both to the person working in it and visitors, but primarily you.


I took out the larger desk and added a smaller desk that is not as wide so there is less distance between me and anyone who has come to visit. I have rearranged the monitor and my arcbook stand. I’m still working on things but will post an updated pic when I get to the end.


I am wanting to think the dartboard has the books of the Bible on it, so you can throw for where to preach from. Do you use a certain Bible software package?


Tim, I primarily use Logos Bible Software. I write my messages in Ulysses or Byword in markdown. I then export them as a PDF to Good Notes for taking to the podium and marking up with my Apple Pencil.


I’m not a pastor but I do a lot of speaking in the US and overseas. Like @Cal_Callison I use Logos and write in markdown in Ulysses. I export to Pages and use my Apple Pencil for final edits.


As a pastor I also have a ton of books. Luckily I have a closet that I put a shelf in to take some of the books I don’t use anymore but can’t bring myself to get rid of. It helps free the bookshelf from overload.

That desk/door (or I guess a Doorsk?) is awesome! As are those funko pops!


Always have heard good things re Logos. If I were in ministry I’d make the investment too. Would be so cool to have instant access to a huge library!


Ikea has cabinets that assemble easily with doors to hide some of the “stuff”. We use for loads of gear. It’s HUGE! and it locks :slight_smile: The Galant system comes in 3 colors, the gray would be great for you!


I thinned the herd on my bookcases and a man in my church made me a new desk from a cedar tree. Trying to declutter and get things more productive. Here are some pics… IMG_1492 IMG_4952 IMG_0005 IMG_4468 IMG_2607 IMG_5685 IMG_9923


I love the office setup. I really like the set of John Owen too.