Calendar app for Mac and iOS

Does anyone know if there is a calendar app with the following feature?

I have three small businesses plus a busy life including organising a church band and various musical projects.

I would like to be able to lay out in a calendar my ideal week and for that to show in the background every week as an ideal template. I am always aiming to have a set pattern to my week, so I know what I am doing when. Then I just add my actual events over the top of the template (or whatever it should be named).

A great tool for trying to plan various jobs at (or as close as possible to) the right time each week.

Of course real life isn’t always so predictable. One week I may need to do more of one particular thing, and that’s fine. But I would still like to be able to see the ideal plan in the background. Perhaps it could be a colour thing?

I think this would be a useful feature for many people, but I have looked at many different apps and none of them seem to do this.

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I am not absolutely sure, that I understand what you are looking for, but with Fantastical for Example, you could use different calendars at the same time, so you could see (if you want) your ideal calendar, and your current one at the same time.
Also you could create and use Templates with Fantastical, so you could add a preset very quickly each weak.

Do the Time Blocking and Week Templates of the Amazing Marvin app help with what you are trying to do? Time Blocking | Amazing Marvin Help Center


Calendar sets within Fantastical should do it. Just add one calendar for weekly events and another for daily. You can then have three (or more) sets - one that only shows the weekly, one that shows the daily, and one that overlays all events.

Not a calendar but for what you describe NotePlan comes to mind. Yearly, quarterly, weekly and daily planning with time blocking and notes. All connected to you apple calendar.

I don’t know if I’ve understood your question correctly, so apologies if not. iCloud lets you create multiple calendars on one account, so for years I had one that’s only job was to show me what I ideally wanted to be doing that week (called “Hours” unimaginatively :joy:). I always left it visible (in yellow, not that the colour matters!) and it meant I could see at a glance how my other calendars matched up to what I’d intended.

Since this is a basic “free” functionality of iCloud/ native calendar app, it’s the easiest way to do it, and any third party calendar app that syncs with iCloud will be able to read the data too.

I actually don’t do this now, and when I went to get a screen grab of the calendar for you I remembered I’d deleted it (instead of just turning the calendar off) so I can’t show you what it looks like in practice. But I stopped doing it because reality never matched up to my expectations and it seemed pointless continuing. Your mileage may vary :rofl: I still run multiple calendars with different themes though, I have 6 calendars just on iCloud, that track different things. I’m sure there are many people with far more (probably in this forum!).