Calendar app (Mac) won't sync with Google Calendar


Recently, the Calendar app on my Mac won’t sync with my google calendar anymore.

It works with the iOS apps, both on my iPhone and my iPad.

I’ve already tried re-adding Google account.

Anyone with the same problem?

Oh, maybe I haven’t explained myself: my problem is that recently the calendar app isn’t syncing anymore - not that I don’t know how to add the account.

Are you using app specific passwords for Google? You might need to generate a new one.

FWIW, I always set up all Google sync in Accounts on macOS and never configure new calendar sync on iOS devices. iCloud takes care of the cross-platform configuration sync from macOS to the iOS devices.

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Thanks for the response.

I’m not using specific password. And I do set up Google sync in Account on macOS.

It’s really strange.

If I were troubleshooting this, I would eliminate Google calendars on all devices, reboot everything, and start over from the beginning.

Yup. It was my first move… strange, isn’t it?

Apologies for resurrecting an old thread but I am facing a similar issue. I have 4 calendars on my Google account (one is mine and three others that are shared with me.) I went and toggled all of them on at as per these instructions but have run into a strange problem. I can see all the calendars listed in the Calendar app but cannot see any of the events on the three shared calendars. The calendar that is my own works fine but not the other three. I’ve tried removing them, adding them back on and toggling the calendars on and off on the syncselect site but to no avail. Would greatly help any help resolving this issue!

I am shocked at how unintuitive and complicated Google Calendar is! Even doing something as simple as sharing a calendar with co-workers (we are all on G Suite) is very cumbersome.