Calendar App Recommendation

Is there a calendar app that y’all recommend that show delegated calendar(s)/calendars you’ve granted access to in Google? The Apple calendar app will show the primary calendar only and the Google Calendar app is not as full feature and integrated as the Apple app.

I have tried Fantastical (pre-subscription) and it didn’t show the shared calendars (though if I am wrong let me know).

Are there other apps that anyone would recommend? Thanks in advance.

This is an older Blogpost I used a year ago, to fix this problem for a friend.


Wow. This is like magic. Thank you SO much. I really appreciate it!

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A little less powerful than Fantastical, but free.


I loved Itsycal on my Mac but I made it redundant when I adopted NotePlan with its own calendar onscreen all the time. :smiling_face_with_tear:

ItsyCal is great. Another good option is Dato.