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So I constantly need to check on the calendar of three other people (the partners at my law firm). All the apps that I have used (granted, only the default Apple Calendar, Google Calendar, and Outlook Calendar), feel so clunky and make it hard for me to parse whose calendar is whose, particularly when their calendars have different colors in them.

Does anyone have a calendar app they prefer for keeping track of multiple people? Is my brain just not properly hard-wired for calendar app UIs?

(my preferred email/calendar device is my 11” ipad pro, if that makes a difference in your recommendations)

Check out Readdle Calendars, which subscribes directly to Apple and Google calendaring (not sure about Outlook as I don’t use it). Looks great on iPad and iPhone. I’ve been using it on iOS for years.

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Fantastical is sure to be a popular suggestion. I used it to keep track of multiple peoples’ calendars across Gmail, Exchange, and iCloud simultaneously.

A neat feature is calendar sets—for example, I had one each for the office, my personal deadlines and events, and family—that let you flick between many combinations of calendars quickly and easily.

There’s a lot more to love about Fantastical, too.


+1 for Fantastical
One of the things I like about it is the natural language processing and shortcuts for selecting the destination calendar, etc. faster than poking around with a mouse/trackpad.
Meet KB 12:00-12:30 @Starbucks /cal

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And now that Fantastical has a true Dark Mode it’s just as beautiful as it is useful.

I love week calendar

WeekCalendar by WeekCal B.V.

I’m a big fan of BusyCal on both Mac and iOS. I have to sync to Microsoft365, Google, iCal calendars every day. BusyCal never misses a thing.

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BusyCal (and companion BusyContacts) is terrific. Has stood the test of time for me.

1 Like Ex Facebook techies built it. Looks to be promising.

It seems pretty neat for people who have lots of calendars they want to parse at work, but it’s still in beta since its launch a year ago, and no word yet on what the pricing will be once it comes out of beta. Also, Woven is Google Calendar only, and no word on its supporting Apple Calendar.

+1 for Fantastical. The calendar is gorgeous on both Mac and iOS and actually contributes a lot to me being more organised and using the calendar for effective task planning.

I run my day using Fantastical - the natural language input and clean layout makes it friction free.

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