Calendar app that allows me to add one event to multiple calendars?

I have some events that I need to keep on my work calendar, but also some work events that my family needs to know about, and our own family calendar.

Is there an app that allows me to add an event to multiple calendars? Or is my best option to add the event individually to both calendars, making the same event appear multiple times?

Does this make sense?

Could you add a second personal calendar as an invitee to the original appointment in your work calendar?

This also has the benefit that if something changes, both will be updated


Is this a “work calendar” within some Business-Structure, or is this your own calendar, where you store your work related events, to not have them on your personal calendar?
If it is the later, I would think about creating a “Work-shared-with-Family-Calender” where you store those thing you want to share.
With Fantastical for example, you could create Calendar Groups, so you could create a Group “Work” with the two work related calendars, and show them as if they where one calendar, instead of two.

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In Fantastical, if you have identical events in multiple calendars, it shows up once, with a striped dot indicating which calendars it’s in. Here’s an image with an example.
Screenshot 2023-02-20 at 5.10.25 PM
Unfortunately I don’t think you can add it to multiple calendars at the same time you create the event. You have to duplicate it and assign a new calendar to the duplicate. (I hope I’m wrong about that because it’s one of my annoyances with the app. Someone please tell me there’s an easier way!)

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Good thought; I’ll try it, but it also assumes that my partner/other family members will even notice it!

No, it’s not something like an Exchange/365 Calendar.

It is the latter example. I’m trying to figure out Fantastical Calendar groups, and that might be a good way to try it out. Thanks for the suggestion.

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I thought of all the apps I used, Fantastical would be the one that would allow this. Maybe a feature request is in order?

Yes, please ask them. I’ve asked before for something like this (letting us put two forward slash commands in the natural input to add it to two calendars) but they must not have the votes to prioritize it yet.

You could create/adapt a Drafts action to add a line to multiple calendars.

I still sometimes use one I downloaded called Fantastically Good Event Parser, which uses Fantastical-like syntax (not quite as full-featured) to add one or more lines of text to your calendar. It could probably be adapted to add each line to multiple calendars.


I tried!

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