Calendar Apps on macOS -- What app do you prefer?

I’ve been a long-time user of BusyCal on OS X/macOS – experimenting with Fantastical 2 and thinking of a possible switch. Which app do you prefer? If “Other” please reply with “what other?”

  • Apple Calendar
  • BusyCal
  • Fantastical 2
  • Other

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Still need to setup Fantastical

I love Fantastical. The calendar groups saves me quite a bit of time - I can get just my calendars, those for me and my boyfriend, my parents, me and my parents, me my parents and my boyfriend, work me, personal me… You get the idea!

Have never seen an advantage of using Fantastical/BusyCal over Calendar on macOS. They even have mostly the same look&feel (Fantastical2 looks exactly like Calendar + fancier sidebar). So nothing would justify sinking of 50 € in such an app for me. The only interesting feature is the toolbar widget, but you can get it a lot cheaper with Calendar 366 II. Just my 2 cent.

iOS, interestingly enough, is the exact opposite: you can get a lot of value for little money by using other calendar apps. However, even there I switched from Fantastical 2 to Calendar 5 due to better week overview.

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I use Google Calendar as a base for my calendars, as it links up better with other services and apps I use.

I have a lot of scheduled items on a daily basis and Fantastical (which I own) just doesn’t work for me on iOS. Instead, for a few years now I’ve used Readdle’s Calendars app, which works with Apple and Google calendar data. I like the views better, it works with natural language (like Fantastical), and I just prefer the Day-view, which I live in:


On the Mac I occasionally use the stock Calendars app, but for quick week-at-a-glance views and editing I use CalendarPro For Google, a cheap little web-app that works well.


Is anyone using FirstSeed Calendar on the Mac? Although it doesn’t add many options compared to Apple’s calendar it looks quite good. Besides it’s a lot more affordable than Fantastical and BusyCal.
I have used BusyCal in the past, but to be honest, it was not the most stable application, no very well supported and besides that ridiculously expensive for what it does.

Fantastical. I love it.

I use the combination of BusyCal + BusyContacts, which integrates nicely with MailMate.

Having a good integration of quickly retrievable meetings + persons + emails + notes is indispensable for me.

I’m using default app because of a simple feature: there’s no autocomplete on Fantastical. If I start typing a patients name on default app, it shows me the previous entries starting with the same letters. I can’t manage to do this in Fantastical.

Or is there a way?

Fantastical should be able to do something like this (see here) However, that requires to have all your patients names to be added as contacts in your exchange or google server.

This looks good, I will give it a try.

A year or two ago Vittici mentioned that he was using Timepage. I gave it a try and it stuck. I occasionally use Fantastical but mostly it’s Timepage. Different from most calendar apps, has some nice little touches of whimsy.




Reviving an old thread. I downloaded the TimePage Mac app today as a preview for when my Fantastical runs out and I don’t renew it.

I have a “grandfathered” TimePage account, so it’s free on iOS, iPadOS – but they want $14.99 or so (CAD) for the Mac app. That’s fair, but on Mac I think the stock app is fine. It’s the non-scrollable, black dot laden land of the stock calendar on iOS that I despise.

Everything holds up well in TimePage until I have to start entering my son’s hockey games or my daughter’s dance schedule. That’s when I really, really miss the natural language input of Fantastical. Still though, $70+ year for that – I can’t justify it.

All this to say TimePage is really good, and the daily summary notification (at a time of your choosing) is quite handy. “You have 3 events today…etc etc.”. Some nifty features and definitely a slick design.

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Ha! At some point in the past couple years, probably when I changed iPads I did not reinstall. Seeing your post here I was reminded of the app and just now reinstalled it. It really is a nice looking calendar!

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Glad I could resurface it for you! Haha.

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