Calendar contexts without subscription

Anyone have any apps or shortcuts to develop a calendar context set without a subscription mode. What I would like is my “personal” homepage to hit calendar and bring up my family calendar, home calendars, wife’s, and my own. And when I click on calendar on my “work” homepage to bring up my several work calendars only.

Fantastical has calendar sets which does this exactly, but not a fan of the subscription model. (Ok with paying money, but hate paying subscription).

Currently I use two different calendar apps….calendars 5 for personal and outlook for work, but it gets a bit messy with events especially if all needs to be viewed together on the phone. Not so much of an issue on iPad and Mac where it can be side by side.

I believe BusyCal Calendar Sets and does not require a subscription.

there a Subscription fee?

No. Each purchase gives you a perpetual license. Our apps are free to download and free to try for 30 days. Once you pay for the product, you’re making a one-time purchase, not a recurring one. You own the product and are entitled to 18 months of updates, after which you get to keep the last update released with an option to upgrade in order to receive an additional 18 months of updates.

Sadly not anymore. Mac App Store version is going subscription (Busy Apps Blog). Or you can buy an 18 months license directly from them.

Looks like calendar sets for mac only?

Boy, it is getting increasingly difficult to avoid the subscriptions! :slightly_frowning_face:

I’ve canceled 7 application subscriptions in the last couple of months for an annual savings of $300.

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Not sure, I used only the Mac version.


I can do what I want about 98% of the time with 2 free apps listed above, but it would be nice for all to be together he few times needed (but not enough for a subscription).

I do find the idea of a separate work and home app page with separate apps (Aka calendar, email, and to do) for home vs work does really let me focus on family at home and work at work. And no notifications on all of them is a game changer (Aka I look at my email and todo in the am and then not again all day).

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Nice savings. I would buy a box of cigars :slight_smile:

Subscriptions are the new normal. But if I understood BusyCal correctly, you can buy the app from them and get 18 months of updates (a system like Hook), so you can use the app even after that period. I think that is a fair compromise.

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That would be fine, but doesn’t appear to suit my needs on iOS.

Yes, and I think it may be similar to Agenda?

I have two subscriptions I’m reflecting on but will probably keep, 1Password and Readwise. Readwise is incredible and helps me take full advantage of the thousands of highlights and notes from my research and books. It may be the one application service that I’m willing to keep paying for as I’m getting a good ROI.

Agenda uses it as well. If the app is good, I have no problem with such system.

For personal use, free version of Bitwarden is great. I recently discovedered Timemator and it will replace Toggl for me :slight_smile: I must say I am pretty impressed with the app. Small developer who manages to have nice looking and functional apps for Mac, iOS/iPadOS and WatchOS with working sync and without subscription.

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Agreed bitwarden is nice. I run it in a docker on my synology, and will not be renewing 1Password when it comes due.

Subscriptions are fine if they are worth it, but too easy to add up when you don’t use them. And while sometimes not my pick, when your institution is using office 365 you need to use it anyway to share work……might as well just use the program they paid for. People would freak out if I sent something not in .doc or excel format

Does it have Autofill and can one store credit cards, notes, etc?

Yep. They have a version that runs on their servers you can pay for, or you can selfhost and run in a docker as I have on my nas.

I don’t have external access setup for it from my network for many reasons, but I even found that new passwords added in “offline” aka no active sync with the nas sync up perfectly when I come home and back on personal network. I think it’s comparable to last pass (which I liked better than 1Password, only switched 2/2 security concerns).

Yes. Only TOTP is in the paid tier (still just $10/year).

Other than being a bit cheaper than 1Password, what would be the advantage of using Bitwarden? I would not be self hosting or using a nas.

I live in Word … almost impossible to work in on iPad. To minimise my “exposure” to MS Word I adjusted all my templates to simple markdown and just export them to Word before sending. But I can not escape it entirely …

Same functionality as last pass, self hosting was a plus for me, otherwise I though UI was better on iOS and Mac. Also cross platform all worked well since mixed pc/Mac use.

Unless you want TOTP, the free version does everything most users need.

I end up just using word. I haven’t found a good cross platform text expander (text expander is horrible IMO and phrase express is close but clunky for my use), so I tried templates in obsidian and then export but it’s just easier since everyone else keeps word docs as templates to use those. Felt like I was making everything that took 2 steps into 42 just to avoid word! Not very productive